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Spring Rental Season 2019

Need more information about our program? Please see: Agreement Highlights

Spring Rental Season Note: Down Payment vs. Starter Pak

Are you attending one of our Spring Displays?

During the Spring Rental Season only, we offer a down payment program in place of the starter pack program you'll see on these pages. Spring online rentals are processed with the down payment option by default; your card will be charged the first month's rent as a down payment.

But the choice is yours...if you'd prefer to receive a starter pak with your instrument, just select the starter pak and say so in the order notes. We'll make the adjustments to the payment amounts (charging for the starter pak instead of the first month's rent), and send the starter pak out to your school on our road delivery van.

To Begin

Choose your town(district) and school from the pull-downs below. Instrument choices are tailored to your school-- look for "Band" or "Strings" where applicable.

 Band Instruments 
 (standard - no string program)
 Stringed Instruments
(your school has a string program)
 Flute  Violin: full, 3/4, 1/2 size
 Clarinet  Small Viola: 13" or 14"
 Trumpet  Large Viola: 15" or 16"
 Trombone  Cello: full, 3/4 size
 Alto Saxophone

 Drum/Bell Kit

Select School: