Father Grumble


The hilarious misadventures of Father Grumble made famous in the classic folk songtale are stunningly brought to life in this new storybook from John M. Feierabend and Erik Plude. This picture book is the latest in a series based on beloved children’s folksongs, part of John M. Feierabend’s lifelong goal to identify and preserve the best music of our heritage for future generations. Illustrator Erik Plude’s brilliant and lifelike paintings capture the vivid details of this story. The fully-notated version with lyrics is included at the end of the book. As with the other great books in this series, Father Grumble is certain to be a favorite of today’s children—another wonderful chapter in the continuing legacy of these delightful, classic songtales

Model: G-7416
Manufacturer: GIA
Father Grumble
Price: $16.95

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