Online Rental Program Details - Fall 2020

    Agreement Highlights

  • Rent online securely from the comfort of your home
  • Convenient automatic monthly billing via debit/credit card
  • Rent-to-Own with a two-month payment minimum
  • Maintenance fee is included in monthly payment
  • Buy a starter pack for $60 (includes class book, care kit, music stand, flash cards and case name tag) with your rental, and first payment is deferred one month
  • Finance charge of 10.9%
  • Early payoff discount: pay off the instrument anytime within the first 18 months and you will get 20% off the remaining balance

  • We (Likely) Come To Your School

  • Instrument can be delivered to your school, or picked up in the store
  • Instrument selection is specific to your school's program (band only or band & string instruments)
  • Regular school pick-up and delivery service for qualifying school programs outside Wichita
  • Trade credit (up to 4 months) when switching to a different instrument (Director approval recommended)

  • Bonus Freebies

  • Free loaner instrument should the instrument need to be in our repair shop for more than a week