Online Rental Instructions

We believe that this online rental process is pretty straightforward, but we also recognize that not everyone is comfortable using a computer/smartphone. We hope this explanation is useful to you.

Create Account

Pick the link Your Account at the top right.

Follow the instructions to set up your account. Choose the email address and password that you would like to use, and keep these in a safe place.

Fill in your billing and shipping address, and other important information, and save it.

Once your account information has been filled in, you’re ready to begin.

Go To Rental Page

Once your account is set up, log in using the Login link at the top right (you may already be logged in—if so, you’ll see a welcome message there). Return to the Rentals page (if necessary) using the top menu pick.

Pick School and Instrument

When you scroll down the page a bit, you should see the pull-down menus where you will pick your Location (District) and School. Then, you will pick the instrument, and proceed to the instrument page. Here you will find the details of the agreement, including the monthly payment amount, and the duration.

Starter Pack

Also on this page you will purchase the starter pack, and perhaps other accessories such as reeds. The starter pack will be automatically selected since it is required; the other accessories are optional. Your card will be charged for the starter pack when the rental is processed in our store, usually within a day.

Complete Agreement

Look over the details carefully, and enter your information. Please be as complete as possible, to ensure speedy processing.

Once you are satisfied with everything, fill in the electronic signature and pick Submit. You will receive a confirmation email, and someone will contact you with delivery information.